Seville Travel Guide

Welcome to Seville, where history dances through cobbled streets, and every corner oozes with Andalusian flair. When you're here in summer, it's like the city itself throws a party just for you. The sun kisses ancient walls, casting a golden glow on the centuries-old architecture.

But let's dive beyond the obvious. Sure, you've got the frankly incredible Giralda and Alcazar, but don't miss out on the hidden gems. Tucked away in narrow alleys are tapas joints that locals guard like precious secrets.

Feeling artsy? Seville is an open-air museum. Venture to Barrio Santa Cruz, where vibrant murals paint tales of a thousand suns. And the Museo de Bellas Artes? It's like stepping into a canvas of Sevillian heritage.

For a dash of adventure, take a tour of the city or hop on a day trip to Cordoba. Its mesmerizing Mezquita is a marvel of Moorish architecture that'll leave you spellbound. Let a guide unravel the city's stories for you and you'll discover its highlights from flamenco fiestas to historic places — you'll discover some of the best tours in this guide.

Best places to visit in Seville: top attractions you don't want to miss


Seville is a spellbinding destination that captivates visitors with beautiful Moorish landmarks, gloriously fresh food, and historic streets packed with fascinating hidden gems. Discover flamenco and all the magic of Andalusia as you go sightseeing in this thrilling city.

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